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A Short History of a Wonderful Book

Limited to fifty copies, 100 Poems About Monkeys is a book/CD/fun package that is sure to entertain all but the most demanding of dabblers.

Created in the style known as "mentally unhinged modern" the book reproduces 101 poems as typed by Kevin Rontel on a manual typewriter along with over fifty drawings made by Andy Brzeczak.  Each copy of this handsome handbound book also comes with a compact disc that includes ALL 101 POEMS set to musical/noise accompaniment Also included in the book is  a felt fingerpuppet

About the Author:  Kevin Rontel is a 23 year-old ape enthusaist who loves poetry and stands to inherit the throne of the Zwony King of Plynth upon the death of his corrupt father, the Zwony King of Plynth.

While studying for his double major of Zoology/English Literature at Cambridge, Kevin decided to combine his interests into one comprehensive thesis. When Kevin presented the result, 100 Poems About Monkeys, to his mentor, Lord Geoffery Chantlebury, Kevin was expelled.

He now lives under a bridge and eats car parts.

How the book came to exist: Kevin's thesis was recently discovered by Gregory Hill, a Denver-based musician/ author/library assistant, who took it upon himself to see that this great work was published.

Mr. Hill comissioned reknowned artist, Andy Brzecezk to draw fifty drawings of monkeys, which are reproduced alongside Rontel's poems.  Hill's boss, Merisa Bissinger, a true artisan, bound the book in a cover comprised of used cardboard.  Ms. Bissinger also sewed fifty felt fingerpuppets for inclusion in the book.

The compact disc is a very special addition to the project.  It contains ALL 101 POEMS as interpreted by  Soapy Argyle, the Learning Curve, Uziego, Jason McDaniel, and Maureen.

How can I get a copy of 100 Poems About Monkeys? You can't. They're all sold out.

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