The Funnercise Handbook was my first novel, finished in 2006.

It was rejected by 137 literary agents and/or publishers before I conceded
the truth (that the book was terrible) and wrote East of Denver.

The website was kinda fun, though.

fascinating, really... in a nutshell... What you're in for... A little meta pleasure...
fascinating, really...

My name is Gregory Hill.  I have no sense of smell.

I was raised in the farming community of Joes, Colorado.  Upon graduation from Liberty High School, I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where, in 1995, I earned a degree in English Literature.
I currently live in Denver with my wife, Maureen.  I work at the Univeristy of Denver Library.  My job is boring.

Since 1998, I've performed (guitar, tenor saxophone, vocals) in various bands in Denver, including Six Months to Live, The Babysitters, and The Orangu-tones.  I've recorded three CDs as Soapy Argyle.  In spite of my efforts at remaining completely unknown, some of the projects I've involved myself in have received a modest amount of critical praise

Along with Eric Allen and my wife, Maureen, I currently perform in The Babysitters.

In 2007, I completed, 100 Poems About Monkeys, a hand-bound art book which includes: 100 illustrated poems, a CD with the poems set to musical accompaniment (recorded by myself and my boss, Merisa Bissinger), and a felt finger puppet (sewn by Merisa). A copy of this book now resides in the DU Library Special Collection, where it will remain for all of eternity.

Just for kicks, I decided to write a novel.  I finished the latest draft of The Funnercise Handbook in early 2008.

In 2010, if finished my second novel, East of Denver, which people really seem to like.

Good day to you.