The Funnercise Handbook was my first novel, finished in 2006.

It was rejected by 137 literary agents and/or publishers before I conceded
the truth (that the book was terrible) and wrote East of Denver.

The website was kinda fun, though.

fascinating, really... in a nutshell... What you're in for... A little meta pleasure...

Nothing Has Never Been So Rewarding

When Cordon Pruitt, a professional medical transcriptionist, accidentally writes a self-help book based on an exercise program that doesn't require exercise, he sets off a string of events which will culminate in one kidnapping, a network television appearance, three explosions, a dead body, and a bizarre medical procedure in the headquarters of Denver 's Greek Mafia.

This website exists so you can read a few chapters, learn about the book, get the skinny on the author, and, most importantly, become an expert on Funnercise.